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The Gaffrig Story

In 1984, James Gaffrig, a long time family friend and my father's partner on the Chicago Police force for more than 10 years, left the force armed with a talent for building quality, marine-capable speedometers and gauges, and the ambition to turn this talent into one of the most respected businesses in the boating industry.

I began working with Jimmy when he opened his first shop in Chicago in 1984. It was here that he began manufacturing what are still known today to be the best gauges in the trade. Shortly after bringing these gauges to the forefront of the industry, Jimmy began engineering a series of Gaffrig mufflers, silencers, flame arrestors and throttle brackets. Soon, like Gaffrig gauges, these products proved to the boating industry that Gaffrig was synonomous with quality. For several years I worked closely with Jimmy, building the business through personal dedication and quality craftsmanship surpassed by no one.

Sadly, in 1992, my friend and mentor, James Gaffrig, passed away. I purchased the business shortly thereafter and continue to strive each day to operate and expand the Gaffrig line with the same passion set forth by James Gaffrig so many years ago.

Our commitment in 1984 remains the same to this day...to be the best manufacturer of boating accessories, providing the serious performance boater with unsurpassed quality, performance, innovation and service. I am dedicated to continuously researching new product ideas, as well as ways to improve Gaffrig's current product line. Most importantly, I listen to the feedback of you, my customers. You are vital to the growth of this company and I encourage you to continue challenging me with your ideas and suggestions.

Have a great boating season!

Mike Schultz